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Can all students be successful?  Can all schools be great places for learning?  The School Resource Network believes schools can be great places where ALL students learn and succeed. 
Successful students in great schools require that caring adults work together toward the same goals.  Public school reform is no substitute for adults working together toward a common goal.
The School Resource Network trains parents, school administrators, agencies, and the business community on how to apply a holistic approach to supporting student success.   Click here for training services.

The School Resource Network's holistic approach follows a community school model where school and community resources are integrated to focus on improving student learning, solving tough problems, and building stronger families.

When School Improvement Teams, Community School Councils, and Parent Teacher Associations align around the goals documented in the School Improvement Plan, systemic changes can happen!

Indianapolis school reform requires that stakeholders align around the goals of the school improvement plan.
Do you want to see students benefit from effective school programs and systems?  If the answer is "yes", then it is time for adults to act differently.   It does no good to continue putting resources into fragmented programs and systems.  Let's start working together for systemic change!  Click here for services.

School Leaders:
You have a school improvement plan for academic achievement.  How do you get teachers and volunteers to work together to achieve your priority goals for student success? The School Resource Network has services which can help.
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Business Leaders: 
You see that schools need help, and you want to contribute time and volunteers.  You also want to ensure your time and resources positively impact student achievement.  The School Resource Network has services which can help.
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Great schools of choice have administrators and community partners who work together toward student achievement..
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