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What does it take to make every school great? Can all children be successful?  The School Resource Network believes schools can be great places where all students are supported and successful. 
Access to great schools where all students have the support and resources they need can only happen when parents, agencies, and the business community are working together.
The School Resource Network helps build the collaboration and  infrastructure needed to ensure equitable access to resources.  In a community school, parents, agencies, and the business community all have a role to play in student success through adundant support and resources.
School Leaders:
Existing resources are available to support all students; yet, these resources are underutilized.  Your students may be missing scholarships, tutors, health services, cultural support, and  enrichment programs.  Students with these extra supports succeed. 
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Business Leaders: 
The private sector can change the percentage of students connected to high quality resources and caring adults. You can also help build capacity in schools. Increased organizational capacity is necessary for  community schools to become great schools.   
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There is no quick and easy solution to achieving high quality and equitable education for all children.
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