School Resource Network - Maximizing Student Learning
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What does it take to make every school great? Can all children be successful?  The School Resource Network believes schools can be great places where all students are supported and successful. 
Successful students requires that all stakeholders areworking together toward the same goals.  Working together does not happen through wishful thinking.  Working together happens through training and systems thinking.
The School Resource Network helps train parents, schools, agencies, and the business community on how to work together and on how to solve systemic problems which hinder the academic success of students.
School Leaders:
You have a school improvement plan for academic achievement.  How do you get teachers and volunteers to work together to achieve your priority goals for academic success? 
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Business Leaders: 
The private sector can support a school's plan for academic achievement.  How do you ensure your time and effort will make a positive impact on student success?  
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There is no quick and easy solution to achieving high quality and equitable education for all children.
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